Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cataclysm Bubble Crash?

1302 samples now.

I've noticed that my server's economy has taken a hit as of late. Herbs that used to see for 7g+ are now selling for a little over 4g. The Mysterious Fortune Cards are now selling for somewhere south of 30g and at times are near 20g each. Worse yet, my primary money maker, [Inferno Ink] price is also under pressure. Has the Cataclysm bubble burst?

Of course, I'm only looking at a small subset of the overall server economy. There may well be some flavor of the month that is selling like hot cake...

Cumulative stats summary:

Total Samples: 1302
Current total prize money won: 3495.1 g
Current estimated fair price: 2 g 68 s 44 c

Prize (gold) CountPercentageBootstrap Error (1-sigma)
0.1 69653.46%1.38%
0.5 24919.12%1.09%
1 19615.05%0.99%
5 1299.91%0.83%
20 231.77%0.36%
50 40.31%0.15%
200 40.31%0.15%
1000 10.08%0.08%
5000 00.00%NA

Here's a plot of the distribution:

Raw data page is updated.

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