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Cheap Ways to Make the Cards

This is probably highly dependent on your server economy.  On my server, the cheapest Cataclysm herbs sell for about 5g per.  That's 100g per stack.  Milling the stack, you'll on average get 5 [Blackfallow ink] and 1 [Burning Embers].

[Burning Embers] sells for 80g to 90g (sell them as they are or make [Inferno Ink]). THe inks will make 2.5 [Mysterious Fortune Card], which sell for 40g or so. Selling 0.5 of those for 20g, you would have spend 100g for the stack, made 80g + 20g on the embers and the card, and will be left with 2 cards with which you can do whatever you want. Profit!