Friday, December 24, 2010

Data Release 1

One thing I know for sure now: winning tickets don't land on your hands so easily.

Cumulative stats summary:

Prize (gold) Count
0.1 25
0.5 14
1 7
5 4
20 2
50 0
200 0
1000 0
5000 0

Here's a plot of the distribution:

Current total prize money won: 76.5 g
Current estimated fair price: 1 g 47 s 12 c

Of course, the results so far has to be taken with a huge grain of salt. With only 52 samples, it's far too early to draw any conclusions...

By the way, the fortunes written on the cards are pretty amusing. You should check them out when you have som time to waste!

Here's the raw data:
DateTimeItem (linked)Prize (g)
2010/12/2316:25:38[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2316:25:38[Fortune Card]1
2010/12/2323:07:51[Fortune Card]5
2010/12/2323:07:53[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:07:55[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:07:57[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:07:59[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:08:01[Fortune Card]0.5
2010/12/2323:08:03[Fortune Card]5
2010/12/2323:08:05[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:08:06[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:08:15[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:26:23[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:26:24[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:26:25[Fortune Card]0.5
2010/12/2323:26:27[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:26:28[Fortune Card]1
2010/12/2323:26:29[Fortune Card]0.5
2010/12/2323:26:31[Fortune Card]0.5
2010/12/2323:26:32[Fortune Card]0.5
2010/12/2323:26:34[Fortune Card]5
2010/12/2323:26:35[Fortune Card]1
2010/12/2323:39:23[Fortune Card]1
2010/12/2323:39:24[Fortune Card]0.5
2010/12/2323:39:25[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:39:26[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:39:27[Fortune Card]0.5
2010/12/2323:39:28[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:39:29[Fortune Card]0.5
2010/12/2323:39:30[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:39:31[Fortune Card]1
2010/12/2323:39:33[Fortune Card]0.5
2010/12/2323:49:18[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:49:19[Fortune Card]0.5
2010/12/2323:49:20[Fortune Card]20
2010/12/2323:49:21[Fortune Card]1
2010/12/2323:49:23[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:49:24[Fortune Card]1
2010/12/2323:49:25[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2323:49:26[Fortune Card]0.5
2010/12/2323:49:28[Fortune Card]20
2010/12/2323:49:29[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2400:10:48[Fortune Card]0.5
2010/12/2400:10:50[Fortune Card]5
2010/12/2400:10:51[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2400:10:52[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2400:10:53[Fortune Card]0.5
2010/12/2400:10:54[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2400:10:55[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2400:10:56[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2400:10:57[Fortune Card]0.1
2010/12/2400:10:58[Fortune Card]0.5

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